About Us

About the Brand:

BrownSkin Beauty is a skincare brand proudly changing the way we look at ourselves and our Brown Skin and also how skin and skincare is viewed in India!
We want our customers to have a beauty experience where they feel confident about being who they are & feeling great about what they are using on their face and body.

We are very passionate about our products, which btw, are REALLY GOOD and REALLY WORK!

Our packaging is Environmentally Friendly and the prices are affordable because we want you to not only feel good while using them but also whilst buying them. We really want it to be for Everyone! 🤎
And if all this didn’t make you feel great about your Brownskin Beauty product purchase, we have one more incredible initiative called Beyond BrownSkin, where 5 percent of all our Profits go to help underprivileged and disadvantaged women!

Oh AND one last thing, Beautiful!
Yes, I’m talking to you…😍

We aim to create products to let you truly be confident and embrace the #filterfreeculture!
No makeup, No photoshop, No filter because we truly believe that,

Whatever your Brown, it's beautiful 🤎

So come join us by
following our journey on Instagram @brownskinbeautyofficial


Founding Team

Anusha Dandekar

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

Anusha has always been a beauty and style aficionado. Moving from Australia to India at the age of 19, she took a plunge into the entertainment space as an MTV VJ. Being the face of fashion in the pop culture world, she has been on numerous magazine covers and endorsed many fashion brands. She is synonymous with style in India- having hosted and judged the biggest fashion and style related shows. Needless to say, she is an influencer in the truest sense being the most sought-after ambassador for all major brand- one being LEE Jeans India, where she changed their entire campaign and collection that sold out instantly and had celebrities like Shahid Kapoor and Karishma Kapoor walking into the store for the first time.
Starting her entrepreneurship journey with ‘Anusha for Pretty Secrets Lingerie’, her collection was young, fun, sexy and affordable- a gap that needed to be filled. It sold out within a month! Her next was a clothing company which is called MUWU, Man Up Woman Up, which was created to change the way people express themselves through fashion. Comfortable, cool, oversize, unisex, text statement pieces, which again filled a gap that was for youth who want to make a statement and is affordable lounge wear.

And now with BrownSkin Beauty, pioneering change in the beauty industry of how skin and skincare is perceived in India. Not only are the products painstakingly created with great care and thorough research, but the entire company is built to promote a culture of inclusiveness, self love, sustainability, with all profits going towards helping disadvantaged and under privileged women, all while making sure everyone knows- whatever your brown, its beautiful! she is taking the helm as CEO to spearhead BSB and create a filter free culture world over.


Gaurav Kumar

Co-founder & Chief Disruption Officer 🛸

Gaurav Kumar also started his entrepreneurial journey in a reverse migration of sorts. Working numerous part time jobs in Canada to make ends meet while studying for his post graduation, Gaurav walked up to his boss one day at his full time job at an intermediary insurance firm and told him that he would be returning to India to start his own company.
Fast forward to a decade later- Gaurav’s entrepreneurial journey has been interestingly diverse to say the least.
From partnering with India’s biggest gifting brand Archies with his online florist company Little Florist, to working with over 150 of the biggest brands and celebrities at his talent agency HC Media, launching India’s first Ayurvedic Detox Tea fitTOX, and now building India’s first skin positive personal care brand BrownSkin Beauty, Gaurav’s businesses have taken him across sectors and disciplines.

A serial disruptor, he has always challenged the status quo and truly believes that his thirst for knowledge is his superpower!
He quips,
“Passion, persistence, perseverance and patience are the 4 golden pillars of entrepreneurship.
I would also like to add a fifth one, PLAY. Being an entrepreneur is the most brutal form of self discovery, so having fun is an essential element of making a great company.”


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