Skincare hacks during the Festive season!

A guide for Caring for your skin amongst the festivities

The term ‘big fat’ doesn’t apply to only weddings in India, but to every celebration in this country. Long shopping days, late partying nights, rich food, sweets, alcohol, and all that festival indulgence makes our skin take the bashing. But fret not, these simple skincare hacks will make your skin as happy as your heart this festive season!

Party smart

Along with pollution, one of the other major Indian skin issues is insufficient hydration, causing flaky and dry skin. Drinking plenty of water flushes out toxins, boosts collagen production, improves skin elasticity, and nourishes the skin inside-out. So, while partying, don’t forget that extra drink of water along with your glass of wine!

Know your type

Even amongst the celebrations, use only skin-type-specific cleansers in alternation with exfoliating products. This controls acne, lessens oil production and locks in natural moisture. This Aloe vera facewash infused with Vitamin C, Shea Butter, Niacinamide & Cucumber Extract works particularly well for Indian combination skin and all skin type!

Go natural

Brimming with essential vitamins, rosewater is an incredible natural toner. Suitable for brown skin issues in particular, rosewater protects the skin from pollution and dirt, retains skin moisture, and has natural antioxidant properties. A close second to natural rosewater is this Aloe face serum that promises an instant radiant glow.

Use the right products

A boon for Indian oily skin, mattifiers help absorb facial oil, shrink pores and minimise blemishes, preventing greasy and shiny skin. During festivities when frequent touch-ups are difficult, light oil-free matte products keep your makeup clean.

Getting dolled up for festivities is fun, but it is non-negotiable that every bit of makeup is cleaned off before calling it a night. Use a mild cleanser or moisturised makeup removers, and follow it up with a gentle face wash and a soothing moisturizer.

Stay safe around fireworks

Smoke and particulate emissions from fireworks settle on the skin leading to irritant reactions and allergies. Stay at least 6 to 7 feet away from lit fireworks. Thoroughly wash your face with a mild face wash immediately after exposure to fireworks, followed by a light moisturizer. Consult your dermatologist to see if you can use a barrier cream before exposure to firecrackers.

Care for your gut

While there’s no substitute for a healthy diet, there’s bound to be deviations during festivals. It’s fine to indulge guilt-free, but make sure you keep your gut healthy. A simple drink of lukewarm water with honey and lemon takes away eye puffiness caused by fluid retention. Also, setting curd with raisins boosts good gut bacteria, and a healthy gut translates to flawless skin. Drink lots of water, practice moderation while consuming fried food and alcohol, and definitely don’t yo-yo on yoghurt!

Cool, rest, unwind

Avoid washing the face with hot water as it strips off natural oils, which is bad news for Indian dry skin as it also gives makeup a cakey appearance. Using a good quality Aloe facewash is a no-brainer, since it suits all Indian skin types. For an effective skincare routine in the hectic festive season, this comprehensive Skincare Set can be a life-saver. Leaning towards face masks? Try this interesting combo skincare set with the addition of a Red Algae face mask.

There’s no substitute to good sleep! Skin rebuilds collagen and repairs damage when we sleep, so despite the partying, don’t skip out on the siesta.Great skin is a collective result of a dedicated skincare regime, sensible eating and good hydration. So as the festive season beckons, don’t forget to give your skin the much-needed love and care – It’s the best gift you can give yourself!


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